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Family right


At ZG Abogados, we understand that family law matters are personal and deeply affect the lives of our clients. Our team of family law attorneys in Tijuana offers compassionate advice and strong legal representation to protect your interests and those of your family.:

  • Divorces and Separations

We assist in the entire divorce or separation process, including the negnegotiation of support agreements, child custody and division of assets, ensuring your rights and well-being.

  • Custody and Child Support:

We specialize in custody agreements that serve the best interests of your children, as well as establishing fair and equitable

  • Adoptions:

We offer legal guidance in the adoption process, helping families navigate the complex legal requirements of welcoming a new member into their home.

  • Prenup AgreementsWeddings and Postnuptials:

We craft strong prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that protect your assets and clarify financial expectations before and during the marriage.

Civil law

At Zepeda González Abogados, we are experts in real estate, purchase and sale contracts, property recovery and protections. We provide advice and representation in:

  • Intestate, mortgage and eviction proceedings

  • Drafting and review of purchase and sale contracts

  • Defense in property claim processes

  • Amparo actions to protect your fundamental rights

Our commitment is to offer comprehensive and effective legal solutions in the field of civil law.

Criminal law


At Zepeda González Abogados, we are authorized to represent you before the State Judicial Branch and the Federal Judicial Branch in criminal matters, both common and federal jurisdiction. Our criminal law experts will guide you through the process and explain the dcrimes and the legal implications involved.

We are accreditedated in the New Accusatory Criminal Justice System, which allows us to defend your rights in Oral Trials. Our rigorous and professional approach ensures efficient and effective legal representation in criminal cases.


Property Consulting and Management

Labor Law


Accredited by various authorities, such as the state labor conciliation center, at Zepeda González Abogados we specialize in labor matters.

We have advised employers and companies in the search for favorable agreements, always prioritizing the legal defense of their interests. Our team is highly trained and committed to protecting your interests in the workplace, offering effective solutions.


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